Cause and effect

If you improve your business’s strategic marketing and commercial execution capabilities, you will increase your profit.

It is one of the strongest correlations that exist in business.

And that is what I do – I help businesses to improve their strategic marketing and commercial execution capabilities * (see below for shameless self-promotion) 

I develop tools and frameworks to help them think strategically.

I design programs to help them work creatively.

I run virtual workshops to help them collaborate effectively.

I provide on-demand learning and online tools to help them operate efficiently.

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*  I realise that words are cheap and anybody doing what I do would make a similar claim. So, allow me a moment to explain my background.  I spent twenty years, in senior marketing, innovation, and pricing roles for one of the world’s largest B2B technology firms. I was based variously in the UK, the USA, and Singapore.

My speciality was developing marketing strategy by using problem-solving frameworks and tools that blend creative freedom with structured thinking. This approach, developed over time and with the collaboration of others, is proven to drive results. It was also the basis for my masters degree thesis.

In 2007 I left the corporate world to design and deliver strategic marketing workshops to a wider range of businesses. Since then I have worked with thousands of people in hundreds of workshops in 38 countries on six continents.

I was part of the teaching team at Caltech’s centre for technology and management education and a visiting faculty member at GE’s Crotonville campus in New York, a standard-setter in corporate education.

I believe it is this unique experience, working with numerous technical B2B products, from diverse businesses, in various markets around the world, using a robust and flexible framework , that forms the backbone of my distinctive approach to marketing strategy.