…but here is a selection of feedback comments from participants in my workshops.  If you value the carefully curated opinions of people you don’t know, this is the page for you.


“Very strong business knowledge and very entertaining style of delivery. Kept the group engaged and wanting to learn”

Marketing workshop, pharmaceutical industry, Munich


“A unique style combining intelligent humour with a near photographic memory and grasp of detail. World class!”

Strategy workshop, medical devices, New York


“Amazing breadth and depth of knowledge! you have a passion and style that made me want to listen, and (not sure if this makes sense) i really got the feeling you were there to help us learn this stuff rather than read from a curriculum. You believe this stuff and that resonated”

Marketing workshop, power systems, Johannesburg, South Africa


“Your grasp of detail and relevant examples was amazing. Never enjoyed learning so much” .

Marketing seminar, Water Treatment Technology, London


“Sean was great – he was effective, he was interesting and engaging. I can’t think of anything that would improve his teachings”

Strategic marketing class, Financial services, Dubai


“Sean is a very engaging speaker and uses his sense of humour well. He also has a good grasp of real world case studies and exercises that cement what he is teaching”

Marketing workshop, Medical devices, San Antonio


“Awesome is so misused these days but your class is truly awesome! Thanks so much, I would recommend you to anyone”

Marketing workshop, pharmaceuticals, London


“I have never met anyone with such a broad range of relevant knowledge and experience AND the ability to communicate it so effectively. Best class I have ever taken”

Marketing workshop, medical technology, Washington.


“I would love to offer some ideas for improvement, but i can’t think of anything – you were great!”

Marketing class, lighting and power systems, Rio de Janeiro


“Sean was great, very engaging, quick witted. He kept us tuned in and was very effective”

Strategic marketing class, medical devices, London


“This was the most fun I ever had in a class, also the most effective. Very refreshing”

Strategy workshop, infant nutrition, Bogotá


“Outstanding class! I will come away from this class with the tools necessary to excel at marketing”

Marketing seminar, multiple businesses, Shanghai


“Excellent, professional and a fine sense of humour. It wasn’t boring for one second. Just perfect”

Strategic marketing class, medical devices, London


“Sean managed the participants really well and tailored the content to suit the group. It felt seamless and flowed really well. Which is testament to Sean’s depth of knowledge and experience”

Marketing workshop, telematics, New York


“Effective and humorous, excellent all round”

Marketing seminar, Animal health, Prague


“fantastic! very clear and insightful lectures. Great sense of humour, kept our attention and focus.”

Marketing class, pharmaceuticals, London