The following tools are Excel spreadsheets designed to help you with a specific marketing task. They contain links to videos that explain the concept behind each tool and some instructions on how to use them.  Best of all they are completely free! Some tools are only available to registered users or existing clients and require a password – they are still free, just a little more exclusive.


Customer and Influencers
Customer & Revenue Analytics
Relative Competitive Index

*Password Protected 


No registration is required. You download some tools completely free and anonymously. The tools marked ‘password protected’  require you be a registered user or existing client. You can register below to get access. The tools are still free, they are just exclusive to those that I have some connection with.  

On the topic of registering. I don’t have the time or the inclination to bug you constantly with spurious sales messages so no need to worry about that. Also, I don’t share any information with third parties – this is just about you and me – It’s good to connect.