Working Together

It starts with a call…


It’s as simple as that. If you are looking to improve the strategic marketing capability or commercial execution capability within your business then let’s talk. It only takes a few minutes to establish if there is a good fit between us. Get in touch via the contact page and we will arrange a call. But if you want a quick tour of some typical engagements, read on.

On-demand learning

Together with my partners at Impact Planning, we have put together The Accidental Marketer Complete Strategy Course. A self-paced online program that will take you through twelve modules to give you everything you need to create a world-class strategic marketing plan.

Contact me if you would like a free preview of the course or would like to know a little more.

In-person classroom sessions (currently suspended due to ongoing pandemic)

This is (or was) the most popular offering. You assemble a group of typically 15-25 people from across your business unit and, over two to five days, they develop strategic marketing plans specific to your markets, products and customers.

This isn’t a generic marketing training class; this is a tailored program aimed at getting real work done. It is guiding people how to think, not telling them what to do. Finding the right questions before looking for simple answers.

Online virtual workshops and training sessions

This has become the most popular engagement. It was previously used as part of a pre or post-classroom event. Now it is a direct replacement. In fact, in many ways, it is better.

  • It can scale up or down to meet the specific needs of your business
  • It is more efficient and convenient with no travel or living costs
  • It is more effective. Rather than cram everything into sixteen hours over two days, we conduct eight two-hour sessions spread over two weeks or longer.
  • It allows for more direct coaching and guidance of individuals and sub-teams.
Coaching and advisory roles

Sometimes you just need help with a single project. A product launch say. or maybe an annual marketing plan. Sometimes you just need an outsiders perspective. These types of engagements can last a couple of months or be ongoing. They can involve multiple contacts over a short period or quarterly contacts over a year. In short, they can be adapted to your needs.

Let’s talk

Ok, so that’s a quick overview of the types of engagements available. As I said at the beginning, If you want to improve your businesses’ strategic marketing capabilities, it’s best to simply talk. We will soon find out if there is a good fit between us.