Working Together

It starts with a phone call…


It’s as simple as that. If you are looking to improve the strategic marketing capability within your business then let’s talk. It only take a few minutes to establish if there is a good fit between us. Get in touch via the contact page and we will arrange a call.

If you want a little more detail of the ways we work with people, read on…

Marketing Workshops

This is the majority of our activity. With my partners at Impact Planning Group we design and deliver strategic marketing workshops all over the world. You assemble a group of typically 15-25 people (although actual numbers have varied from 3 to 80!) from across your business unit and, over two to five days , they develop strategic marketing plans specific to their markets, products and customers. This isn’t a generic marketing training class, this is a tailored program aimed at getting real work done. It is guiding people how to think, not telling them what to do. Finding the right questions before looking for simple answers.

Marketing Workshops Plus Implementation

These are longer term assignments, typically twelve to eighteen months. We design and develop tailored workshops as above and then take on a temporary mentoring/advisor role to assist implementation. No two engagements are the same and they have varied from board level advisor, attending four meetings a year, to monthly in person meetings, weekly Skype calls and daily phone contact. These are tailor made engagements built around your objectives and desired outcomes.


More commonly as a follow on from our workshop activity or as part of long term business relationship, but if you are looking for a keynote speaker on the topic of strategic marketing, the fundamental principles of marketing or the art of asking the right questions, I have been known to light up a room with witty repartee, amusing anecdotes and perceptive insights. Even if I do say so myself.